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IIS Web Hosting

Web hosting services running with Windows servers and IIS

We are hosting more than 5000 websites using the Windows + IIS technology stack. These are known as the Centrally Hosted websites which are authored from DFS. This kind of websites is mostly intended for Windows users (because of the simplified access to DFS). You are expected to use this service in case you know basic web development technologies like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other dynamic programming languages (more details below).

If you don’t know anything about web development and still you want to publish content on the web, we suggest you to have a look at other services, like Drupal or Collaboration Workspaces.

We are running a mixed environment with Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016 with respective IIS 8, 9 and 10. We are progressively consolidating our infrastructure with the latest software versions aiming to optimize the operation of our environment. This process takes a significant time as software changes on the web servers can break websites functionalities when build with older frameworks.

We are now introducing state-of-the-art web hosting with the most recent frameworks and high-availability through HA proxy which should give 100% time of availability of your website. Please contact us if you want your site to be migrated to the new version of the service.

Our standard web servers are running PHP 5.6, Python 2.7, Perl 5.16 and Oracle drivers 12.1. If you need a very specific configuration you can contact us and we might setup dedicated web servers for you, but only if your use case is clearly justified and you have a respective budget. Alternatively we can propose you to use the Platform as a Service which leverages from containers technology offering you enhanced flexibility.

In the long-term, this service can be merged with the Hosting on EOS service depending on the directions taken by the DFS service and potential migration to CERNbox.

Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on how we can improve this service.