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PaaS Web Hosting Service

Platform-as-a-Service applied

This service enables deployment of small web applications that do not justify allocating and maintaining dedicated web servers, using the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) paradigm.

Applications are deployed as Docker containers in an Openshift cluster, providing full automation for build, deployment and scaling.

PaaS Web Application are requested and managed from CERN WebServices.

The links from this summary page, provide more details on the use cases addressed by the OpenShift platform and the deployment of Docker images.

NB! PaaS Web Application hosting provides a lot of flexibility for deploying web applications, including deploying arbitrary Docker images. When not using centrally provided application templates or development frameworks, ensuring the maintenance of the application -and especially deployment of security updates- is entirely the user’s responsibility.

Please use the community link to give us feedback via the service portal.

  1. Detailed documentation
  2. OpenShift User documentation