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Our services clustered according to your needs

All about Accounts, Resources and authorisations

Create and manage computer accounts, passwords, certificates. Manage subscriptions and access to resources, applications and services

Developing Software

How to develop software using central repositories, tools, applications, bug tracking and online collaboration

Discussing, exchanging with people

Exchange information with people, via Mail, Chat, Video or other online solutions

Planning Meetings and Conferences

Organize, plan or attend a conference or a meeting, and setup the appropriate tools such as video conference

Editing and Storing Documents

Work collaboratively, archive, store, team work on documents

Publishing Information, Web hosting

Publish web contents, print, broadcast and search information

Purchasing a computing device, installing and running applications

Acquire a desktop or laptop, install an operating system, deploy applications, run applications remotely

Engineering Software

Obtain and run engineering related software, such as electronics design, mathematical design