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Video Conferencing Service

Video Conference at CERN using the Vidyo tool

This service provides a desktop video conference software called Vidyo. It also ensures the maintenance and support for video conferencing systems in CERN equipped meeting rooms. CERN has a room endpoint infrastructure based on industry standard videoconferencing units (using H.323 and SIP protocols).

Vidyo is a desktop video conference software used in CERN meeting rooms in order for collaboration in real-time across the globe. With its use of high quality cloud-based video it helps make large scale projects more efficient with an effective means of communication.

This service offers:

  • Desktop videoconferencing
  • Multi-point videoconferencing services

Service limitations:

  • It provides videoconferencing support to CERN departments and the LHC community only
  • Assistance requests (to start the vidyo session) should arrive at least 4 days in advance

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