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Twiki Service

An easy-to-use Markup language and its supported infrastructure


TWiki® is a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple to use Enterprise Wiki and Web Application Platform. Use TWiki for team collaboration, project management, document management, as a knowledge base and more on an intranet or on the Internet.

Introduced in CERN in 2003 at the request of Altas software developers it s now used by all LHC experiements and many groups.


In its simpliest form TWiki can be used as a plain blackboard. An edit button appears on all pages and the user types away using Markup or HTML and a WYSIWYG editor os also available. On saving the webpage is immediately shown. What can you do with TWiki?

  • Online collaboration platform - Distributed teams work together seamlessly and productively
  • Project development space - Track actions, assign tasks and create automated reports
  • Document management system - Version controlled document repository plus powerful and flexible wiki functionality under one roof
  • Knowledge base - TWiki is an organizational brain that brings tribal knowledge online, all neatly organized and categorized
  • Platform to create web applications - Blogs, RSS feeds and news feeds, forums, calendar applications and tons of other solutions to create real value for your users
  • Replacement for an existing Intranet - Eliminate the one-webmaster syndrome of outdated intranet content