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Software Component repository

Hosting text and code repositories for the Git system

This service enables developer teams to deploy instances of the Open-source Nexus 3 artifact repository manager software.

Nexus repositories allow storing binary artifacts for the main programming languages: Maven (Java), Pypi (Python), NPM (node.js) etc. and complements Linuxsoft already providing this functionality for RPM packages.

Use cases include:

  • Store and distribute components to build and deploy complex software projects
  • Keep a local copy of external libraries to ensure a given version remains available for future builds
  • Reporting on what libraries/versions are used in a given project (and vulnerable ones)

NB: IT provides the infrastructure and a Nexus application template with support for SSO and e-groups, but users are in charge of administering and maintaining their instance. No expertise is provided for Nexus configuration, and support is limited to the infrastructure (excluding for instance troubleshooting of issues with using Nexus)