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Open Source framework for large-scale digital repositories

Invenio is like a Swiss Army knife of battle-tested, safe and secure modules providing you will all the features you need to run a trusted digital repository.


Invenio has been created with security and long-term preservation in mind. Build your digital repository and focus only on what is important to you, Invenio will do the rest.


Invenio is fast. We have designed it to manage 100+ million records and petabytes of files. All your research data can now be archived independently of the size.


Only a modern framework can create modern digital repositories. Invenio was born for the web, is JSON-native and provides RESTful APIs out of the box that will allow to build apps on top of it.


Invenio is 100% open source licensed under MIT license. Fork us on GitHub and build your product. Invenio loves open standards for open science.